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“Brian Sher is a rare breed of businessman. Not only does he know exactly how to build a great business, he can also teach that skill to others.” – Simon Reynolds

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You’ve packed a tremendous amount of very valuable information in this little gem. I read for half an hour during my train rides to work, and another half an hour during the return trip. Every day I was very excited to leave home for my special half an hour. Every salaried person is normally excited to return home after a long day’s work, but I was more excited about reading your book than about returning home. After I got off the train each evening, I’d sit in my car and spend 15-20 more minutes reading in the parking lot. I wanted to read your book in a single sitting. I’d like to thank you for writing a top-notch book.


Some people start with nothing and end up with the whole lot. How to Make Money Out of Thin Air is a brilliant expose of every strategy on how rich people get that way and why others fail.


Chief Executive, McGarth Real Estate Agents

As I redesign the business plan and strategy for my own business, the Unstoppable Artists Business School in Manhattan, I decided to re-read this excellent book. I thought I had underlined all of its wisdom the first time around. I was mistaken, and now the book is nearly illegible from all of the marks and comments I have made to nearly every page.


Just finished reading your book and have had a big part of the jigsaw puzzle come together… Whilst we had gone some way toward improving and developing previously nonexistent processes we did not fully appreciate why we were doing it… Thanks for all of the other “good oil” in the book too. An excellent read for anyone employee, owner or entrepreneur.


I just finished your book and I would like to say thank you, it was a real eye opener. I will work at being more concerned about my customers than me, look for more ways that I can help them, and work at being other directed as much as I can. Again, thank you.


I just wanted you to know that your book is inspiring and not only have I read it but I am putting it into action. I hope a couple of years from now you will hear about my success story.


I just recently read your book ‘What Rich People Know And Desperately Want To Keep Secret’ and I must say it has really changed my mindset thinking. The book offers unique insight on how-to do especially in the area of marketing and good business acumen.


I’ve just finished reading your book ‘What Rich People Know & Desperately Want To Keep A Secret’ and I was so impressed I’ve started reading it again.


Brian, I want to thank you for writing this book. You have changed my life in such a positive way…. I have never read a book from cover to cover but I have read this book (What Rich People Know & Desperately Want To Keep Secret) twice.


There’s probably no compliment I can give you that you haven’t already enjoyed so I’m just going to say “Well Done!” and thank you.


After reading “What Rich People Know & Desperately Want to Keep Secret”, I was immediately hooked by Brian Sher works. I even had “How to Make Money Out of Thin Air” internationally shipped to the states, and read it less than two days flat. Brian lays out the course of building a business in a simple, yet concise manner for any entrepreneur. I’ve read Brian’s books multiple times, and I find myself to this day, going back to his material and implementing it into my business.

Randall H.

Your books – Making money out of thin air and what rich people know has really helped me. Started my own consulting firm (Carnaps Consulting) after years of planning for it. Thanks to men like you who choose to share their passion with the world.


You’re a genius & I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with you. I look forward to the next assignment.


Recently just finished reading your book ‘What Rich People Know And Desperately Want To Keep A Secret’ It is really inspiring and enlightening! Thanks, I really enjoy reading it, it give me some good ideas as I just started doing my own business.


What a wonderful book – mine has been so well used that it has fallen apart, but I still have the info! In your very wide and varied capacities do you ever get to the UK to speak and/or train.If you do I would love to meet you.


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That book has indeed changed my thinking and my life.Thanks for writing such a book.


Congratulations and Thank you for two of the most amazing books I have ever read!


Thank you very much for your wonderful book!